BK Landscape Design


Early on in the process we will talk about different materials that are available. One of the most important parts of that process is to have physical samples ready for review. BKLD has an extensive archive of all sorts of materials and materials combinations. From hardscape collections of colored concrete, bluestone, limestone, precast features, and crushed rock to wood types, pool finishes and landscape lighting. Having these at our finger tips makes for an informed and highly customizable palette of materials to move the design process forward.


Once we are engaged in the design process the landscape master plan is the main deliverable we use to help understand the scope of the project and distill specific materials selections into a composed visual document. This document is important not only for a mutual understanding of what is being proposed to our clients, but also as a document that can be sent out for an 'apples to apples' bid from a landscape contractor. While most plans start as a hand-drafted document we use CAD as well or as needed or if requested.